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The mission of Enlighten Talks is to provide training to communities about labor and sex trafficking to end the trafficking of persons. The primary focus of Enlighten Talks is to facilitate human trafficking training for parents and caregivers, children, teens, and college-aged students.

Trainings Offered:

Human Trafficking: Learn, See, Do Something

The Learn, See, Do Something training gives an overview of both Labor and Sex Trafficking. 

Critical Conversations with Teens & College Students

This training informs young adults on exploitation, sexting, porn, and sugaring.


One Wrong Decision Will Change Your Life Path

Targeting youth aged 9-17, this training begins with the age-appropriate video "I Am Little Red" followed by a discussion and interactive activity. 

What You Need to Know to Protect Youth from Predators and Traffickers

This training will address signs parents/caregivers should watch for as their children and young adults are spending more unsupervised time on technology. Parents/Caregivers will learn the vulnerabilities involved in human trafficking. The training gives tips on how predators and traffickers gain access to children and what parents/caregivers can do to protect them.



For more information, please contact:

DeAndré d. Marshall,

Founder & Trainer


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