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DeAndré Marshall, DDM3 Consulting
"My goal is to create and facilitate innovative programming for children, youth and young adults inspiring them to become their best selves."
"NCNW appreciates partnering with IHTI. ...The various Human Trafficking workshops presented by Ms. DeAndré Marshall provided information about Trafficking that allowed for NCNW to be able to Say Something if we See Something.  The Northwest Georgia Section thanks the IHTI for hosting workshops that benefit the world by making us knowledgeable about HT! We thank you for your efforts."
- Dedreial Marbury

"Great meeting with very important information. I will definitely be sharing this information with my students and basketball team."

"Presentation was very informative and opened my eyes to a world I didn't know existed. Gave great insight of different types of human trafficking to be more aware of."

"The criminal-minded individuals involved in sex trafficking are so smooth and sophisticated in their tactics. Maybe workshops should be held in schools or churches so that pre-teens and teens can learn how not to become a victim."

- East Point Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Inc.

Enlighten Talks, Participants

"Thank you so much for hosting the seminar on 6/23/19 that my daughter who is 9 years old, Madison, attended. She was so excited about all she learned. Madison now feels she now knows more about the reproductive system than I do. She was able to participate in all aspects of the discussions and that was a great thing for her. She was able to learn from you and at the same time hear her peers points of view. 

I think it is a great thing that you are doing with these young ladies. It gives a very good starting point for discussions that will be continued at home. We will be waiting for your next seminar. Thank you."

- J. Mezier
YouNiquely You Seminar, Parent 
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